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Design and Architecture Norway

DOGA award recipients 2018

Commissioning party: NRK and Meteorological Institute

Practitioner: NRK Yr Team

Skjermbilde av Yr-app på smarttelefon (illustrasjon)

: NRK / Meteorologisk institutt

No matter the weather

The Yr app is a tremendous success by Norwegian standards, with over 2.5 million downloads both nationally and internationally. So, there is every reason to commend NRK for not resting on its laurels, but further developing YR using service design, making it accessible in a whole new way.

Meteorolog holder opp håndskereven plakat med teksten «Vil du teste vår nye Yr-app?»
Skjermbilde av Yr-app på smarttelefon liggende i naturen.

Panel remarks

It has been jokingly said that it would be very quiet in Norway if we couldn’t talk about the weather. Having said that, it’s not surprising, since we live in a country where the weather can mean the difference between life and death. But even though everyone talks about the weather and has an opinion on it, we actually know very little about it. That’s because the weather is extremely complicated and the prognoses we use to predict it are usually visualised using abstract graphs, numbers and symbols. Managing all of this data and interpreting it in an intuitive interface that both grandma and grandchild can understand is nothing short of a major achievement. 

‘Yr app – interpreting and presenting the weather’ shows the weather in an attractive, realistic and perceptible manner. Combining service design tools with a sophisticated design and code system has resulted in a unique service from a global perspective in which the graphic interface teams up with users in subtle and emotional ways and provides a whole new experience of the weather. Now that’s worth taking your hat – or sou’wester – off to! 

Project group

Nina Khalayli, NRK, Concept Developer, Analysis and Insight

Ensi Mofasser, NRK, Designer

Andreas Qvenild, NRK, Designer

Ola Nordbryhn, NRK, iOS Developer

Bjørn Olav Ruud, Conceptos, iOS Developer

Kristoffer Stenersen, Systek, iOS Developer

Thomas Aaeng, Systek, Android Developer

Thomas Pettersen, Netcompany, Android Developer

Marcel Eggum, Netlight, Android Developer

Bård Rolstad Henriksen, NRK, Backend Developer

Lisa Wisløff, NRK, Copywriter

Hilde Bakkeli, NRK, Team Manager

Marius Undrum, NRK, Operations Manager

Marie Solum Strand, NRK, Concept Developer

Carl Christian Grøndahl, Bouvet, Analysis and Insight

Kristoffer Lium, NRK, User Interface, Accessibility Specialist

Ivar Seierstad, Meteorological Institute, Weather Expert

John Smits, Meteorological Institute, Weather Expert

Unni Thomsen, Meteorological Institute, Meteorological Institute Coordinator

Ingrid Støver Jensen, NRK, Head of Product Development

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