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Design and Architecture Norway

DOGA award recipients 2018

Commissioning party: Exero Technologies AS

Practitioner: EGGS Design AS

Walking buddy

Aids tend to reflect a focus on satisfying difficult functional requirements, with aesthetics being a secondary consideration. Exero Technologies and EGGS Design wanted to do something about this and the result is worthy of a DOGA Award. 

Panel remarks

The panel’s first reaction was “I want one!”, which says enough about the successful innovation of a product in a category characterised by what we at best can call ‘functionality aesthetics’. The distinction between aid and sports equipment is abolished in an elegant manner that is true to form and also hints at other user groups than the disabled. We see, for example, the potential for everything from indoor training to soapbox racing. 

The kneeling position and narrow distance between the wheels gives the user better contact with the ground and the Spike can handle kerbs and gravel roads with equal finesse. This creates new opportunities for movement and helps the disabled lead a more active life. Spike is also easy to set up and adjust and can be folded for easy transport. 

In creating Spike, Exero and EGGS have made an important contribution to a category in which, unfortunately, aesthetics is often overlooked or given less priority. We can only hope that Spike inspires others to create aids that challenge both traditional aesthetics and traditional functionality.

Project group

Mathias Berg, Exero Technologies AS, Product Developer

Andre Johnsen, Exero Technologies AS, Product Developer

Lasse Roxrud Farstad, EGGS Design AS, Industrial Designer

Carl André Nørstebø, EGGS Design AS, Industrial Designer

Martin Skogholt, EGGS Design AS, Industrial Designer

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