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Design and Architecture Norway

DOGA award recipients 2018

Commissioning party: Klassekampen

Practitioner: Netlife Design

Digital revolution!

If there is one thing that the readers of Klassekampen newspaper all have in common, it’s that they are readers! This fact was the fundamental consideration when Klassekampen decided to launch a digital version of its daily paper and the brief sent to Netlife Design probably sounded something like this: We want to give power to the paper – in the best interest of Klassekampen!

Klassekampen og Netlife Design får DOGA-merket for design og arkitektur for redesignet av avisens digitale utgave.

Panel remarks

It’s wonderful to see how a solution that is conservative in principle can be experienced as something refreshing and innovative - but that probably says more about how the online paper world has developed over the years. At any rate, it is a pleasant experience to ‘page’ through Klassekampen’s digital paper, considering the lack of presumptuous updates and tabloid tricks. 

Having said that, it would be wrong to assume that they have simply scanned and posted the paper version. Even in a relatively small organisation like Klassekampen, where a shortcut is probably tempting, they have remained true to their roots and taken the time to group into modules and scale advertisements and have generally done a thorough job of creating a product that provides a positive reading experience instead of simply generating clicks. And that is worthy of respect - especially with a product that is successful in terms of transferring the reading experience from paper to screen. 

So, at the risk of formulating our words tabloid-style, we would like to gratulate Klassekampen on their soft digital revolution, which we all agree is far preferred to an armed one.

Project group

Jørgen Blindheim, Netlife, Design and Development

Julie Hauge, Netlife, Design

Ida Aalen, Ida Aalen AS, Interaction Design and Product Management

Wilhelm Joys Andersen, Minus, Development

Hallvord R. M. Steen, Minus, Development

Stein Cato Blostrupmoen, Minus, Development

Katrine Ree Holmøy, Klassekampen, Development Editor

Johannes Øvergaard, Klassekampen, Jack of All Trades / Editing

Bjørgulv Braanen, Klassekampen, Editor

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