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Design and Architecture Norway

DOGA award recipients 2018

Commissioning party: Helseutvalget (Gay and Lesbian Health Norway)

Practitioner: Bielke+Yang

Helseutvalget og Bielke+Yang mottar DOGA-merket for ny logo og grafisk profil.

A discrete invitation

The goal of Helseutvalget is to improve people’s sexual health, with a particular focus on the LGBT community. Their work includes testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, a service that is extremely important for both this group and society as a whole. After launching their new profile, they have succeeded in accessing groups that were previously difficult to reach and now test more people than ever before.

Helseutvalget og Bielke+Yang mottar DOGA-merket for ny logo og grafisk profil.
Helseutvalget og Bielke+Yang mottar DOGA-merket for ny logo og grafisk profil.

Panel remarks

The panel was very enthusiastic about Helseutvalget’s new logo. In all its simplicity, it expresses both care and health and the same shape and colour concepts are used consistently throughout the organisation’s entire identity, making them an integral part of every aspect. 

The soft basic shapes in the illustrations give Helseutvalget a playful, disarming and good-natured image, while a conservative pallette shifts the impression made towards unassuming professionalism. The identity has an informal sense of safety that lowers the threshold for contacting the organisation. The results also show this, with almost twice as many visitors to the website in 2017 (from 76,000 to 143,000) and a significant increase in contact by chat, text message and e-mail. In addition, more than 1,000 HIV tests were ordered in the first few days after the launch alone. 

The panel concluded that Helseutvalget and the design agency have succeeded in creating an integral and inviting profile that is able to generate dialogue on a difficult topic.  

Project group

Martin Yang, Bielke&Yang, Graphic Design and Art Direction

Christian Bielke, Bielke&Yang, Graphic Design and Art Direction

Evan McGuinness, Bielke&Yang, Graphic Design and Animation

Aksel Overskott, Helseutvalget, Communication Consultant

Rolf Martin Angeltvedt, Helseutvalget, CEO

André Elvan, Værsågod, Developer

Isaac Gray, Værsågod, Developer

Rick Berkelmans, Hedof, Illustration

Kimm Saatvedt, Kimm Saatvedt, Photography

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