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Design and Architecture Norway

DOGA award recipients 2018

Commissioning party: Ecotone AS

Practitioner: EGGS Design

Nærbilde av kamera

Hyperspectral lice hunter

It’s not often you see these three words alongside one another in a heading, but there is no other way to describe SpectraLice. SpectraLice is above all a system for the automatic counting and categorising of salmon lice in fish farming nets that uses a hyperspectral underwater camera system to estimate the quantity and type of parasites.

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Nærbilde av et kamera som henger fra en stålwire

Panel remarks

This product dives directly into an important challenge to the Norwegian salmon industry, namely how to combat salmon lice in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. There is no question that Norwegian salmon are not only a major source of income for Norway, but also a source of concern with regard to animal welfare and medicinal use. A better and more detailed overview of the lice in a stock can lead to more targeted treatment and protect both the fish and environment from an unnecessary burden. 

We consider SpectraLice a product that is both well designed and well thought out. The object itself has an attractive design with a good use of materials and nice integration of functions. The fact that it also reduces the risk of injury that can occur with the manual counting of salmon lice is an added plus. All the same, it is the innovative environmental dimension that is most impressive - for the simple reason that it can clearly contribute to increased effectiveness and sustainable growth in the sector.

Project group

Espen A. Jørgensen, EGGS Design, Design Lead / Project Manager

Lasse Farstad, EGGS Design, Industrial Designer

Erlend Østbø, EGGS Design, Mechanical Designer

Sanja Drakulic, EGGS Design, UX / Visual Designer

Håvard Sjøvoll, EGGS Design, Interaction Designer

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