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Design and Architecture Norway

DOGA award recipients 2018

Commissioning party: Bright Products AS

Practitioner: K8 industridesign AS


: Taral Jansen

Design at the speed of light

BRIGHT Move is a portable solar lamp for people in off-grid situations around the world. It emits a whopping 100 lumens and provides light for up to 160 hours without recharging. The sleek design, stripped of all distraction, results in a smart lamp that is both easy to use and nice to look at - and that can even charge your mobile phone. 

Smarttelefon med stativ i snøen.

Panel remarks

An important aspect of BRIGHT Move is that it is the result of a competition launched by the UN in December 2016 to create an affordable, user-friendly, compact and robust product with good lighting and charging functions in only six weeks’ time. In collaboration with K8, BRIGHT managed to launch its lamp in the market in the spring of 2018, the result of a design process as fast as the speed of light - at any rate compared to normal industrial design processes. 

The panel is of the opinion that BRIGHT Move is an exceptionally well-designed product in terms of not only the object itself, but also the process involved. Their approach to transport and the logistics of repayment schemes for people in poor parts of the world demonstrate the desire and ability to think big and to think integrally.

Project group

Tommy Engvik, BRIGHT Products, COO

Olivier Butstraen, BRIGHT Products, Product Design Manager

Marius Andresen, K8 industridesign, Industrial Designer

Kevin Geers, K8 industridesign, Industrial Designer

Joachim Wallem Rasmussen, K8 industridesign, Industrial Designer

Jan Anders Ekroll, K8 industridesign, Industrial Designer

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