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DOGA award recipients 2018

Commissioning party: Swantech AS

Practitioner: Swantech AS


: Swantech AS

Wash in style

High-pressure washers are true to form: bulky, in neon colours and easily toppled. In other words, everything that the AVA high-pressure washer is not. On the contrary, the AVA is a stylish high-pressure washer with a futuristic yet subdued design language and superior technical abilities that both reduce water usage and increase effectiveness.

Pistol til høytrykkspyler
Bakside av høytrykkspyler

Panel remarks

AVA is an amazingly well thought-out design. All of its parts have been created from scratch by the company’s own design team, established for this very purpose. Almost everything is perfect, from how they use technology to improve performance and reduce the ecological footprint to how the washer itself and various parts in the concept are designed. The design is masculine and recognisable in the category, yet experienced as something unique in a very appealing way. 

We would like to also mention the commercial dimension. It’s commendable to challenge a market saturated with a few foreign brands with such self-confidence. And considering the fact that user tests show that the performance is ‘absolutely awesome’, it is nothing short of a well-designed product we firmly believe will rise to the top of the ranks in a difficult category.

Project group

Morten Torlei, Swantech, CEO

Are-Dag Wagtskjold Eriksen, Swantech, Designer in Charge

Torkild Kaland, Swantech, Designer

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