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DOGA award recipients 2018

Commissioning party: Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir)

Practitioner: EGGS Design


Skisse/figurer for læringsreisen

: EGGS Design

Improved post-breakup assistance

All breakups are different and require different solutions, especially with respect to the children. One of the tools used in family conflicts is mediation and Bufdir has used service design to develop a diversified mediation service: one for breakups with a high conflict level and one for those with a low conflict level. 

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Panel remarks

This is a fantastic and impressive project! Given that it is not generally known how to separate without hurting the children, Bufdir offers a diversified mediation process that has the potential to protect both parents and children from permanent scarring. The process has been a thorough one in terms of training both staff and instructors and with regard to the concrete solution to be utilised by the families. 

The service was part of a pilot project in 2016 and 2017 and the results showed a significant improvement in the number of families that took advantage of the tools offered. For example, 65 percent of families attended more than one guidance session, compared to the national average of 45 percent, and an entire 40 percent of families with a high conflict level arrived at mutual agreements, compared to the previous 32 percent. This shows once again how effective the service design approach can be when it comes to designing services that actually work. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to honour Bufdir for the tradition they have already established in terms of using service design to improve their services. 

Project group

Åshild Herdlevær, EGGS Design, Service Designer

Åshild Stav, EGGS Design, Service Design

Paal Holter, EGGS Design, Digital Designer

Marte Grevsgard, EGGS Design, Service Designer

Ingvill Hoffart, EGGS Design, Service Designer

Annie Feddersen Hjelmervik, EGGS Design, Service Designer

Hilde Kåstad, Bufetat, Internal Sub-project Manager for Mini Courses and Training

Reidun Lauvstad, Bufdir, Project Owner and Participant

Harald Nilssen, Bufetat, Project Participant

Lars Fremstad, Bufdir, Main Project Manager

Wenche Mobråten, Bufdir, Project Owner

Marthe Hagberg, Bufdir, Project Participant

Hege Dimmen Lunder, Bufdir, Project Participant

Lena Holm Berndtsson, Bufetat, Sub-project Manager for Digital Mediation

Taran Steen, Making Waves, Digital Designer of Digital Agreement Template

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