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Design and Architecture Norway

DOGA Award for Newcomers


Phone: 23 29 28 70

Address: Hausmanns gate 16
0182 OSLO

The DOGA Award for Newcomers aims to show that students and newly established professionals are important contributors to creating the best solutions for the future. We invite practitioners in all disciplines of design and architecture to apply for the award.

The DOGA Award for Newcomers selects winners to be honoured together with the recipients of the DOGA Award for Design and Architecture Excellence. A joint arena is created for contact that encourages collaboration between new practitioners and those already established in the industry. 

The winning projects will be highlighted during the award presentation at DOGA. The winners will be given the opportunity to receive training in presentation techniques and to present their projects during the award ceremony. 

The winning projects will also be displayed during an exhibition at DOGA, to open on the same day as the award ceremony.

One or more of the winners will be selected to receive the DOGA Honorary Award.

Questions about this? Feel free to contact:

  • Caroline Olsson
    Advisor for DOGA Awards
    (+47) 91 62 46 12