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Design and Architecture Norway

2019 Winners of the DOGA Award for Newcomers




Vilde Hagelund


Master i produktdesign (OsloMet)

Andre bidragsytere

Veiledere: Astrid Heimer og Andreas Engesvik

Foto og stylist: Helene Bye

Objectum is many things at once. It is a library of 60 unique forms made of birch. It is an immersion and an exploration of birch as a material. And it is a blueprint for products that can be put into production. But first and foremost, it is an ambitious and successful mission to create 60 birch objects over the course of 60 days.


60 shades of birch

The project stems from the designer's desire to convey the value of combining design and crafts. During the first part of the project, Hagelund produced 60 objects over the same number of days. In the process, she experienced that her "gaze was sharpened, her hand was trained and her mind put to the test" through the continuous and intuitive production of objects in birch wood. Each week she changed variables and parameters to approach the material in different ways, and it was all documented in a log of photographs and reflections around each object.

The result is the Objectum form library, which until now has been used to make two products: the Pedestal table and the Remissus bowls.

The aim of the project was to convey the value of combining the fields of design, art and crafts, and to create a birch shape library that serves both as a reflection on material use, and as inspiration for specific products.

Pedestal og Remissus
Pedestal and Remissus
Photo: Vilde Hagelund
Prosess – håndens avtrykk
The designer's hand was trained.
Photo: Kathrine Hovind
Objectum: bordene Pedestral
Pedestal tables
Photo: Vilde Hagelund
"Objectum_VILDE HAGELUND_designprosess.JPG"
The process was thoroughly logged and documented.
Photo: Vilde Hagelund
"Objectum_VILDE HAGELUND_ formbiblotek 2.jpg"
Objectum form library
Photo: Vilde Hagelund
Remissus bowls
Photo: Helene Bye

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