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DOGA Award for Newcomers


Phone: 23 29 28 70

Address: Hausmanns gate 16
0182 OSLO

About the application

In the application, you are asked to explain the goal, process and result of the project for which you are applying. The jury is interested in projects that meet the form, function and innovation criteria. It will also assess the value of the project for society, the economy and/or the environment if carried out.

Who can apply?

The DOGA Award for Newcomers can be applied for by students of design and architecture, as well as newly established designers and architects. Applicants must be either residing in Norway or be a Norwegian citizen and residing abroad. The application deadline is five years after graduation.

We are interested in applicants from all disciplines of design and architecture and accept the following submissions.

  • Concepts
  • School projects
  • Group projects
  • Individual projects
  • Post-graduation projects

You can also submit projects that are carried out either as part of your study programme or after graduation, although this is not a requirement.

There is no fee to apply and you can submit as many projects as you wish.


If several people are involved in a project, all participants must agree to apply for the award and everyone involved must be credited for the work.

DOGA reserves the right to use competition materials in exhibitions, on its website, in news reports and so on.

If you have questions about rights to a design, trademark or invention, we recommend contacting the Norwegian Industrial Property Office at +47 22 38 73 00 or

Questions about this? Feel free to contact:

  • Thea Mehl
    Senior Advisor DOGA Awards
    (+47) 41 30 98 19