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DOGA Award for Newcomers

1. Make sure to read the criteria, and use them as a check list when writing your entry.

2. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is it that I'm really trying to say here?
  • What is most important?
  • What is essential to the reader?
  • Who am I writing for?

3. Are you trying to explain something complicated? Use examples to show rather than tell.

4. Make use of paragraphs and headings to break up you text and make it easier to navigate.

  • Headings should always correspond with the contents of the paragraphs. 

5. Use lists.

Example: Through in-depth interviews and observing my user group, I found three key insights that shaped my project going forward:

  • insight 1
  • insight 2
  • insight 3

6. Get to the point. The most important information should come first.

7. Remember to upload photos and videos. Write descriptive captions. 

8. Use active verbs, rather than nouns. 

Example: "This factor had a strong influence on the results". Wirte instead: This factor strongly influenced the results.

9. Make it clear who is doing what. Write in the active voice.

Example: Passive: "Interviews were conducted by the team. Active: "The team conducted interviews".

10. Use short rather than long words.

11. Use period more often than comma. 

  • A good rule is to make one point per sentence. 

12. Are you questioning whether you are making yourself understood? Share your text with a friend who's unfamiliar with your project, and test whether or not he/she understands.

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