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Next year’s exhibition will be a collaboration between DOGA, Klubben, Norwegian Crafts and the Federation of Norwegian Industries (Norsk Industri) and will be arranged in the Zona Tortona design district from 17-22 April 2018.

The goal of the project is to increase the competitive strength of the Norwegian furniture & design industry and Norwegian arts & crafts, both internationally and here at home. The new exhibition concept is a three-year project that can be incorporated into a future national programme for design, brands and export.

Participation in this event has given previous exhibitors more opportunities and many have been invited to collaborate with major international players. 

The contributions will be curated and participants selected based on quality, sustainability and community. Apart from that, we are looking for a broad selection of new projects that can help strengthen the Norwegian furniture and design industry in the global market.

Applications must be submitted in PDF format and contain:

  • Brief project description
  • Brief text explaining the applicant’s goals and motivation to participate
  • Pictures of buildings/prototypes or concept/product sketches
  • Pictures of past projects
  • CV  

It is important that exhibitors have individual goals for participation and are present during the entire event.

Applications should be sent to by the 6th of October 2017, with the subject heading ‘Milan 2018’.

Manufacturers wanting to participate can apply through the Federation of Norwegian Industries. More information on this will be published in this organisation’s channels. 

Contact person 

Please contact the project manager: 

Grete Sivertsen
Telephone: 928 58 152

Questions about this? Feel free to contact:

  • Ida Aandal Røijen
    Advisor International Profiling
    (+47) 451 36 778