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Nordic Built Cities

Nordic Built Cities is a lighthouse programme in the Nordic Co-operation Programme for Innovation and Business Policies 2014–2017. Urban challenges also play a key role in the co-operation programme on regional policies 2014–2017. Denmark is a leading country for the programme and responsible for its implementation in cooperation with the four other Nordic governments, the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Innovation. Nordic Innovation is also responsible for the design and management of the Nordic Built Cities programme.

The three main objectives of the Nordic Built Cities programme are to:

  • Encourage joint Nordic dialogue on important urban challenges related to physical urban spaces.
  • Stimulate the development of innovative [1] solutions, which address such challenges and facilitate liveable, smart and sustainable urban spaces in the Nordics.
  • Promote these solutions in and especially outside of the Nordic region in order to strengthen the Nordic brand and facilitate growth and employment in Nordic companies in the building and related sectors.
Trygve Lies Square in the Furuset district of Oslo was one of six finalists in the Nordic Built Cities competition in 2016.


Interreg is an EU programme aimed at promoting social and economic integration across national borders through regional collaboration. DOGA participates in the Harbour(X)change project, which focuses on the transformation of former industrial harbour areas into urban waterfronts.


DOGA is on the Europan Norway board. Europan (European federation for new architecture) is a non-profit organisation established in 1988 and is supported by close to 20 European countries. Its goal is to promote innovative ideas in housing and urban development in collaboration with Europan Europe by initiating and holding international architectural competitions for architects under the age of 40 years.

DOGA is a member of the Norwegian Arts Abroad network. Photo: Siren Lauvdal

Norwegian Arts Abroad

The Norwegian Arts Abroad (NAA) network is a collaboration between the seven arts-related organisations that advise the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that are part of the Ministry of Cultural Affair’s initiatives aimed at the internationalisation and promotion of Norwegian culture internationally. NAA’s goal is to increase the export of the creative industries and their international presence. The network jointly pursues this goal and creates synergy between organisations and art sectors.

Members of the Norwegian Arts Abroad:

Danse- og teatersentrum (Dance and Theatre Centre)

Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA)

Norwegian Film Institute (NFI)

Norwegian Crafts Norwegian Literature Abroad (NORLA)

Music Norway Office for Contemporary Art (OCA)

Samarbeidsrådet for møbel og interiør (SMI)

Established in 2016, this network of designers, manufacturers, organisations and educational institutions works together to promote Norwegian furniture and interior design, both nationally and internationally. SMI aims to create more brand producers with high growth potential in Norway, increase total value creation and put Norwegian designers and brand producers on the map through the export of sustainable design products and solutions.

SMI comprises representatives of Klubben, StokkeAustad, Anderessen & Voll, Ralston & Bau, Designarena Bergen, NIL, Norsk Industri, Vestre, Norwegian Rooms, Møbelkraft, Norwegian Crafts, Norwegian Icons and Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design in Bergen. A reference group with representatives from DOGA, Innovation Norway and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also been established.

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