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Samarbeidsrådet for møbel og interiør

On Wednesday 8 February, the Norwegian ambassador in Stockholm, Kai Eide, opened the doors to the exhibition ‘A Colour Composition - New Norwegian Design’. This exhibition is the work of curating and stylist duo Kråkvik & D’Orazio and 48 exhibitors, including Peter Opsvik, Andreas Engesvik, Daniel Rybakken, Northern Lighting, Anderssen&Voll, Fjordfiesta, Hallgeir Homstvedt and Runa Klock.

In 2016, designers and manufacturers from the furniture industry, organisations and educational institutions joined forces to establish a network called the Samarbeidsrådet for møbel og interiør (SMI). The goal of this network is to strengthen the Norwegian design and furniture industry and the exhibition in Stockholm is the network’s first international collaborative event.

Representatives in the network include Ove Rogne, the CEO of Northern Lighting, who believes the time is ripe for Norwegian design to occupy a greater position in the international arena.

“In a time when the design and furniture industry has achieved an excellent steering speed, the SMI aims to promote strong companies in order to contribute to positive growth, increased exports and to have a positive impact on the Norwegian business community. In correlation with increased interest in Norwegian design internationally, including in connection with Milan Design Week and the London Design Festival, the time has come to take the next step,” says Ove Rogne, CEO of Northern Lighting.

The network also aims to encourage increased collaboration between manufacturers and designers.

“We are making efforts to promote collaboration between Norwegian manufacturers and designers and, consequently, create opportunities for more companies and increase interest in Norwegian design. One of SMI’s goals is for more Norwegian manufacturers and designers to practice their profession full-time,” says Jonas Stokke, one of the independent designers in SMI.

At the exhibition at the Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm in February, the public had the opportunity to admire the results of this new collaboration between industry and design in the field of furniture and interior design. The exhibition was put together by the well-known curating and stylist duo Kråkvik & d’Orazio, who drew their inspiration from the embassy building drawn by Norwegian architect Knut Knutsen in the early 1950s. The unique architecture of the building, the furnishings and colours have also resulted in the use of colour as the driving force behind the idea and title of the exhibition: A Colour Composition.

Stockholm Design Week took place from 7–11 February 2017. The exhibition at the Embassy was open to the public on 9 and 10 February.



Samarbeidsrådet for møbel og interiør (SMI)

Established in 2016, this network of designers, manufacturers, organisations and educational institutions works together to promote Norwegian furniture and interior design, both nationally and internationally. SMI aims to create more brand producers with high growth potential in Norway, increase total value creation and put Norwegian designers and brand producers on the map through the export of sustainable design products and solutions.

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