Mennesker som ser på en seng i utstillingen 100% Norway

Norwegian designers, manufacturers, organisations and educational institutions have joined forces to promote Norwegian furniture and interior design, both nationally and internationally. Today we launched five reasons to pursue this – and five concrete ways to achieve it.


“Norwegian design is a sorely needed growth industry”

Detalj av stolarm i tre

During the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in February, a selection of Norwegian designers, manufacturers and arts & crafts specialists were invited to exhibit their work at the Norwegian Embassy.


Exclusive Norwegian exhibition in Stockholm

I utstillingen finner man blant annet produkter fra Kim Thomé, Bjørn van den Berg, New Works, Kristine Bjaadal, Anderssen&Voll og Fjordfiesta.

During Stockholm Design Week 2017 from 7-11 February, the Norwegian design and furniture industry was given the opportunity to showcase its talents. A selection of Norwegian manufacturers, designers and arts & crafts specialists gathered at the Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm for a colourful collaboration.


Collaboration strengthens the future of Norwegian design internationally