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The More and the Better, the Faster and the BIGGER

Gunter Pauli is a serial entrepreneur, author and initiator of The Blue Economy. He is named the Steve Jobs of Sustainability by Le Point, The Huffington Post, and The Tasmanian Times. He holds an honorary master in Systemic Design and an honorary doctorate in economics. He is dedicated to design and to implement a society and industries which respond to people’s needs using what is locally available and economic growth based on happiness and competitiveness. His latest initiatives include the design of a solution for the plastic soup in the oceans and the creation of a protective zone with islands to avert rising sea levels.

The Blue Economy represent a visionary approach, innovations and business models for large and complex challenges, and is one of many inspirations for the principles of today’s circular economy.  He founded the "Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives" (ZERI) with the UN, and subsequently The Global ZERI Network, ranked #7 in 2016, as one of the top ten most innovative policy think tanks in the world ​by the University of Pennsylvania. Whereas ZERI sets forth the philosophy, the Blue Economy initiative, presents this philosophy in action.

Gunter is a member of the Club of Rome. He also write children fables to inspire future generations.

Gunter Pauli
Gunter Pauli

Greater than A

Greater than A (>A) is a new, sustainable fashion brand founded by Aksel Lund Svindal, Marius Eckmann, Terje Strømø and Panorama Design. Their motivation is to change the fashion industry and consumer behavior by creating clothes designed for longevity and circular systems. It is an ambitious goal for a start-up company. They want to prove that it is possible to make garments that both look good and are functional with the least  harm on nature. How easy is it to implement this philosophy and circular thinking in practice, and what challenges have they encountered along the way?

Jens Petter Ring is the General Manager and partner of Panorama Design og co-owner of >A. He has long experience from business development, and is  also the owner of Whiteblue Adventure Travel arranging ski&sail adventures in the Norwegian fjords.

Kjersti Kviseth is a Life Cycler and Manager of 2025 Design. She is a product designer and has worked with sustainability and circular thinking for 25 years. Kjersti is an advisor on sustainable strategies and implementation in practice.

Jens Petter Ring
Jens Petter Ring
Kjersti Kviseth
Kjersti Kviseth

Nature and Culture: Change with Joy

Nils Petter Faarlund is a Master of Science, legendary eco-philosopher and mountain guide. He founded Norges Høgfjellsskole in Hemsedal in 1967, and established the ‘outdoor’ as a college course at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH) in 1972.

His many years of contributions to Norwegian outdoor life is founded on his holistic philosophy on nature and human worth. He is one of the founders of the Norwegian eco-philosophy, together with Arne Næss and other philosophers and rock climbers in the 1960s. They laid the foundation for what is also called ecosophy and deep ecology which has inspired many, including Patagonia.

Nils has received the Royal Norwegian Order of Saint Olav and is an author of many books.

«The Norwegian Eco Mountain» (Suston Magazine).

Nils Faarlund
Nils Faarlund

Future Material World

Helly Hansen has a strong focus on material research and product development to be fit for a more circular future. They are active with several material research projects, including a consortium with Sintef and other Norwegian brands. Rebecca will share the latest from micro plastics to wool and material development in general. 

Rebecca Johansson is R&D Manager at Helly Hansen. She has a Bachelor in Textile Engineering from Högskolan in Borås, and a European Masters Degree in Advanced Textile Engineering.

Helly Hansen 


Rebecca Johansson

We’ve Been Green Before Green Was Cool

The ongoing strive to be the greenest retailer within ‘outdoor’ started with a green logo. The journey has taken Naturkompaniet from selling outdoor products to interested nerds, to what has become today’s consulation of adventure thirsty, conscious cosmopolites. Naturekompaniet focus on equipping and educating their customers, and at the same time challenge their suppliers on a continued focus on sustainability.

As retailers for some of the world’s best brands within sport and outdoor and with an ambition of setting a new standard for consumer demand,   Naturkompaniet highlight the brand’s technical, sustainable innovations.

Carl is Head of Marketing at Naturkompaniet is a passionate ‘brand builder’. He spends his spare time outdoors and is passionate about old truths on price and quality, like ‘when you buy something expensive, you only cry once’. He finds great satisfaction in the interaction between people and product, when they became lifelong companions.

Carl Reinestam
Carl Reinestam

How Do You Do?

If you want to look forward and understand the next steps toward sustainable business, you’ve got to look backwards: How far have we come? And what on Earth is our true destination? If we can imagine ourselves already there … what does the journey look like? Where do we start and how do we do it?

Alan AtKisson is CEO of AtKisson Group and co-founder of He is an important part of our Forward Thinking conference. Since the beginning he has inspired us on his commitment related to the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals, the planetary boundaries, sustainability and transformative change.

Alan is a senior advisor and author in the field of sustainability, sustainable development, and transformative change, with nearly 30 years of international experience. He consults to governments, leading companies, global NGOs, and the United Nations. In recognition for his many contributions as a leader, innovator, and communicator, AtKisson was inducted into the international Sustainability Hall of Fame in 2013. He was also elected a Full Member of the Club of Rome in 2015.

In partnership with DOGA he co-founded the Oslo Manifesto: Design and Architecture for the SDG’s, a direct result of the Forward Thinking Conference in 2015. and

Kristin Støren Wigum is the Manager of Gaia Trondheim, part of Gaia Architects. As and industrial designer (PhD) within this network, she focuses on systemsoriented design and the human aspects. This includes both products and services founded on the principles of sustainability and true user involvement. Her projects are wide ranging, from new material life cycles, to modern co-living and certifications of life happiness at nursing homes.

Alan AtKisson med gitar på terrasse
Alan AtKisson
Kristin Støren Wigum
Kristin Støren Wigum

Safe Adventures in a Sustainable Destination

Norway is one of the world’s best destinations for adventure travel. We now experience a large increase in tourists coming to Norway for adventures in nature. Many of these tourists have no or limited experience in how to handle the Norwegian nature and weather. This increase is a great opportunity for the value creation in Norwegian tourism, but brings with it some challenges regarding nature management, sustainable development and safety for tourists. Can the sport- and outdoor industry be part of the solution?  

Haaken Christensen is educated as master of general ecology from Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), and is working as senior advisor in adventure tourism for Innovation Norway.

Haaken Christensen
Haaken Christensen

A Lifelong Relationship

Nora J. Helliksen, Head of Marketing at Helsport and Chief Digital Officer at Swix Sport, Per Henning Grimsrud, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Swix Sport, and Trond Solberg, Investment Director at Ferd and board member for Swix Sport. and

Nora J. Helliksen
Nora J. Helliksen

Digging Deep into the Supply Chain

Nicholas Allen, Traceability Manager, Patagonia.

Nick will offer an overview of Patagonia’s raw material traceability work, including developing animal welfare standards for down and wool, as well as wider strategic projects with materials suppliers to improve content claims substantiation. Nick will also explain how Patagonia assesses and vets suppliers and their materials according to their sustainability and traceability performance.  Moreover, an update will be provided on several of Patagonia’s wider sustainability initiatives, such as the fair trade and regenerative organic agriculture, among other recent developments.

 He has great experience in research, development, training and service along with program development and field experience within C-TPAT, Wood Legality, Conflict Minerals, Country of Origin and Brand Protection/Grey Market diversion. Nick has a Masters in Fashion Management from Universitat de Barcelona.

Nicholas Allen
Nicholas Allen

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