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Sparkling Spaces

Sparkling Spaces is a two-year urban development project that explores how the activation of vacant spaces can serve as a method for creating a more vibrant city centre. During the project period (2016-2018), three pilot municipalities, Arendal, Lærdal and Tromsø, are working strategically to find new uses for empty buildings and spaces in their city centres.

NIBR is responsible for evaluating the project work as it progresses and is combining the knowledge gained in two reports: an interim report and a final report. When the project comes to an end in April 2018, a visual guide will also be made available, containing good advice and tools for Norwegian municipalities looking to use the Sparkling Spaces method as part of efforts to revitalise their city centres.

The goal of the interim evaluation is to provide professional readers with:

  • Recognition and a broader understanding
  • Sharing of experiences and greater insight
  • Concrete advice and recommendations

The report is available in Norwegian only.                 

Download NIBR’s interim report on Sparkling Spaces


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