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As part of NFD’s policy implementation system for innovation and value creation, DOGA works towards achieving the following goals:

Increase competitiveness in business

To achieve the increased competitiveness in business goal, DOGA stimulates profitable business development in Norway through its activities. In 2016, DOGA contributed to increased knowledge and the use of design and architecture in innovation and value-creating processes. For the target groups in the business sector, DOGA has contributed to better problem understanding and increased user involvement in the development of environments, products, services and processes.

Innovate the public sector

The goal to innovate the public sector entails DOGA contributing to more effective and user-oriented services and processes in the public sector. In 2016, DOGA worked to improve problem understanding and increase user involvement in public processes, such as planning and development processes. DOGA has contributed to collaborations across various sectors, increased user focus, improved services and more attractive environments through the increased public use of design and architecture.

Provide NFD with good political advice on design and architecture

DOGA serves as NFD’s advisor on the development of politics and the use of resources for the field of design and architecture. Through its work, DOGA continuously gains new knowledge and an overall understanding of the problems faced by the field, making it a relevant advisor to the ministry.

DOGA submits an annual report to the ministry on the use of resources towards achieving these goals.

Read DOGA’s Annual Report 2016 here.

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